Gypsy billionaire – Director Biography – Joel Van der Molen.

By Dee Atekoja 02/08/23

Cannes, the world’s most prestigious, stylish and occasionally contentious film festival is a must-see event, even if you live thousands of miles away.

The 76th annual Cannes Film Festival took place from the 16th to the 27th of May 2023.

The illustrious Boulevard de la Croisette, which gracefully arches along the shoreline, boasts a sandy beachfront, luxury speciality stores and grandiose hotels and adding to the splendour is the eye-catching Wyldecrest yacht. 

The red carpet is rolled out, lights are set up, and high-end hospitality and catering are brought out in preparation to host the movie premier of the Gypsy Billionaire on the Wyldecrest yacht.

Hosted by the Wyldecrest Events team to provide exquisite hospitality for some of the top VIPs and celebrities attending such as Lady Victoria Hervey who joined Alfie Best Senior to celebrate his success.

Director of Wyldecrest Events, Mike Driscoll

The Wyldecrest Events team provided top-tier professional hostesses, DJ Ross Mac, fine dining, a world-class mixologist, a Resident Violinist and pianist and a red-carpet experience to remember.

The owner of Wyldecrest Events, Mike Driscoll was there to oversee and ensure the smooth running of this event.

Director Joel Van der Molen and many others celebrated the success of this premiere with clinks of champagne flutes, music, dancing and laughter.

An interview with Mike Driscoll by Joel Van Der Molan discusses the success of the Cannes Movie Festival hosted by Wyldecrest Events and the team.

Mike, discusses the importance of the loyalty provided to their clients, the attention to detail and all the necessities as he accentuates the importance of trust and delivering the BEST events worldwide on a corporate or personal level.